We think differently about promotional items.


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About Crisp Branding

Did you know, research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) found companies had, on average, an 87% dissatisfaction rate with their promotional items?

We’re different. We don’t supply the cheapest and worst versions of everything just to get your order, and we individually check every single item on this website for quality before we put it online (yes, a real person with frustratingly high standards does this), which is why we’re fast becoming one of the UK’s leading promotional item suppliers.

One of the main reasons our customers love us is because we’re often fixing our competitors’ mistakes. The amount of live chats we get that start with ‘my supplier has let me down, do you do anything last-minute?’ has become almost a daily occurrence.

This is one of the core reasons we started Crisp. We genuinely love the variety of interesting promotional items out there, and how they can be applied to different campaigns. 2019 will be the year of ‘fitting your brand into your customer’s lifestyle’. Make sure it’s your brand.
Based in the heart of Historical Lichfield, we are in a great location, not only for us (it really is a lovely place) but also for our customers. With easy commute access we can manage meeting new clients with ease and our central location within West Midlands is a great bonus that accommodates all types of customers, no matter the situation.